Here's Why Wrinkle-Free Sheets Make Monday Mornings Easier

With wrinkle-free sheets, your days of waking up to a messy bed are over. These sheets help you spend less time ironing out creases and more time enjoying your life without worrying about tidying. Check out some of the reasons you should invest in wrinkle-free sheets and ways you can avoid wrinkles in your bed linens.

4 Ways Wrinkle-Free Sheets Make Your Life Easier

Sheets that wage their own battle against wrinkles can make your life much easier. Here are four ways you can indulge in a simple, wrinkle-free life with sheets that can make hectic times like Monday mornings just a little less troublesome.

1. It's Easier to Make Your Bed

Sheets that aren't bent out of shape tend to cooperate more easily with morning bed-making routines. An unwrinkled sheet makes it possible to fix your bed quickly by fluffing the sheet over the bed and letting it fall into place before making a few tweaks and quick tugs. A wrinkled sheet requires more smoothing on your part, and a very wrinkled sheet may never lay flat enough to give your bedroom the Home & Garden look you want.

2. A Beautiful Bed Can Increase Daily Happiness

Sheets without wrinkles don't just make your morning chore easier, they may also boost your happiness. According to one survey, 71 percent of bedmakers (or those who have someone do the chore for them regularly) said they'd call themselves happy. That's compared to the 62 percent of people who feel unhappy and who don't make their beds regularly.

There's just something about leaving your bedroom each morning knowing it’s clean with a neat, made bed. What’s better than returning after a long day to a well-kept space? Some people even say making your bed can make you a more productive person.

3. You Never Have to Break Out the Iron

Ironing is not a chore for the faint of heart, especially when considering how time-consuming it is. Sheets that don't wrinkle in the first place save you time that you would be spending over the steam of a hot iron. That's 20-or-so minutes you could spend enjoying a hot bath, catching up with a good book or getting something else done on your chore list.

4. You May Sleep Better

Nothing makes Monday morning a bit more tolerable than a long, restful night of sleep. Believe it or not, your sheets play a big part in whether or not you achieve that good night’s rest. Smooth, unwrinkled sheets that lay flat and feel silky are typically more comfortable on your skin. They help you drift off to dreamland without being bothered by small pokes or pressures.

4 Ways to Avoid Wrinkled Sheets

So, what can you do to get the benefit of satin-smooth sheets against your skin? Here are four tips for choosing and caring for your sheets.

1. Don't Overload the Washing Machine

Feed sheets carefully into the washing machine to ensure they don't become a tangled mess during the spin cycle. When washing bedding, less is more, so don't try to shove all your blankets, pillowcases and sheets into one load — even if you have a large-capacity washer. Bedding needs more room to move about than other laundry loads do.

2. Make Your Bed Regularly

A sheet that's draped flat across the bed can't develop wrinkles, so make your bed daily to avoid the wrinkles that occur over time. A made bed usually is topped with a weighted blanket pressing down on the sheet, which can also help prevent wrinkles. An unmade bed, however, can leave the sheet tangled with blankets or with itself, causing wrinkles.

3. Air Dry Sheets Whenever Possible

Bunching and twisting is a natural part of the laundry process. When you machine dry sheets, there isn't always enough room for wrinkles to be worked out. Hanging sheets to dry in the open air lets gravity do a bit of the work to remove wrinkles. In the right weather, hanging your sheets out to try can leave your sheets smelling even cleaner.

If you need to machine dry sheets, take them out as soon as they are done to avoid wrinkling. You can also run the dryer for a few minutes with a clean, damp washcloth thrown in to create steam. The washcloth will work out any wrinkles that may have set in if you left the laundry sitting idle for too long.

4. Choose Wrinkle-Free Sheets

Choosing the right sheets from the beginning will prevent you from worrying about keeping wrinkles away. Sheets designed not to wrinkle amidst regular use can be machine washed and dried with little trouble. Plus, an unmade bed won't necessarily turn these types of sheets into a wrinkled mess.

The best sheets for your bed are those that work with your lifestyle. Bedding should help you relax at the end of the day and ensure that you wake up feeling fresh in the morning. Choose sheets that support you rather than ones that make you do more work. Wrinkle-free sheets give you a chance to leave the bed unmade on lazy mornings without having to worry about the consequences of a messy bed when you return.

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