Top 5 Tips to Make Your Bed Pet-Friendly

We all know that adorable dogs and cuddly cats make the perfect snuggle buddies. It’s no wonder why it’s becoming more common for pet owners to co-sleep with their fur babies. According to a pet- owners survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, about 50% of pets sleep next to their owners. Some vets and health experts discourage this practice for health and hygiene reasons. But let’s be real. When you can’t say no to those puppy dog eyes, we want to make sure your bed is fitted for your furry friends.


First things first, keep your pet’s hygiene in check. Animal odors & shedding are greatly reduced by routine grooming & bathing. Even if your pet is hypoallergenic, you’re not off the hook. Comb your pet often to remove dust and dirt that accumulates in their fur. You can even buy a self-grooming brush to make your cats do the work... #winning. Maintaining your pet’s hygiene will keep odors, fur, & dirt under control and out of your bed!



Having a mattress protector is a good idea for anyone. But mattress protectors are truly essential for pet owners. You won’t regret it when the dog drools, the cat throws up, or the puppy pees. Aside from these obvious reasons, the protectors also catch pet hair and dirt before it hits the mattress. There are lots of soft and affordable mattress protectors to choose from. You won’t even know it’s there until it saves you from what you thought was a disaster. And the cleanup? EASY. Throw the protector in the wash and call it good!


Sheets with a higher thread count are more comfortable to sleep on and actually work to repel pet hair. Wait... HOW? Well, the higher the thread count, the tighter the weave of the fabric. This means there is less space between each individual thread, making it harder for pet hair to cling and stick. Our quality, high thread count sheets will ensure you and your fur baby get a deeper night’s sleep!

photo by @littledarlingdivine


Bamboo is becoming a very popular choice for home textiles. Not only is bamboo sustainable, but it’s hypoallergenic. It discourages allergens from settling into bed with you! That’s right; bamboo material naturally guards against dust mites, mold & dirt. And since the plant is grown & manufactured without any harmful additives, it’s chemical and pesticide free. With bamboo bedding, you can rest assured you and fur babies will be sleeping clean - even smelling clean! Bamboo has a natural odor blocking defense mechanism. Yep, this moisture-wicking property of bamboo not only keeps you and your pets cooler while you sleep, but it helps air out that stink! Sold on bamboo sheets? There’s MORE! Top off those sheets with our bamboo duvet sets.



When sharing a bed with your pawed pal, you’ll want bed-making to be a breeze. Sharing bedding with pets naturally calls for more frequent washing. Wrinkle-free sheets take the hassle out of laundry. No more extra pressing or attention needed after these sheets come out of the wash. Simply toss them back on your bed and cozy up! It’s a luxury you and your fur baby deserve!









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