Are Organic Cotton Sheets Really Better?

To go organic or not to go organic — that seems to be the question many people are asking these days. You may have heard discussions about organic food, bath and make-up products, but did you know that organic fabrics can make a difference in your lifestyle?

Organic sheets are a great addition to your home for many reasons. In the long run, they could benefit your family's overall health and your wallet. Find out more about organic cotton sheets and if they're worth the investment for your family.

What Are Organic Sheets?

Organic sheets are ones made through organic processes, from the farming of cotton to the working of textiles into the final product. To be officially labeled organic, the products and processes that produce them must pass rigorous requirements.

The results are sheets that:

  • Aren't imbued with unnatural chemicals or substances.
  • Are typically made with raw ingredients that come from sustainable farming methods.
  • Aren't made with genetically modified cotton.

Although official labeling is typically used for food substances, you may find organic sheets without an official USDA label. This is why it’s important to buy organic products from a reputable company. If you purchase items from an unknown brand, you could end up paying for organic sheets that actually contain harmful chemicals.

5 Reasons to Invest in Organic Cotton Sheets

Organic sheets can cost a bit more than their counterparts in the bedding aisle. This causes many people to wonder if it's worth investing a few more dollars. Here are five things that may make organic cotton sheets worth it for you.

1. No Synthetic Chemicals Means Safer Sleeping

Textile manufacturing, including traditional bedding manufacturing, involves processes with many chemical elements. When sheets are washed, prepped and dyed, synthetic and even dangerous chemicals are added to the fabric. Some companies spray sheets with chemicals before exporting to safeguard them during packing and transport.

These processes can lead to you putting hazardous substances on your bed, a place where you spend a lot of time. In fact, you could be spending as much as nine hours a day in bed, with much of that spent sleeping. During that time, almost all of your body is in contact with the sheets. You're breathing air that’s filtered in and around the sheets. This could potentially cause those chemicals to be absorbed into your body, ultimately adding to long-term health concerns.

Organic cotton does away with many of those concerns, promoting a safe night's rest.

2. Organic Linens May Reduce Allergy Issues

It's not simply long-term health that may be impacted by chemicals and substances on your sheets. Allergic reactions can and do occur when someone sleeps on sheets laden with chemicals.

If you are allergic to certain chemicals common in textile manufacturing, organic sheets may help you avoid them. Even if you aren't allergic to these substances, you may have sensitive skin that becomes irritated easily. Organic cotton fabrics help reduce the number of unknown chemicals reaching your body.

3. Organic Cotton Fabric Is Often Softer

You might think that without the chemicals and treatments, organic fabrics would feel harsh. In reality, organic cotton sheets often feel softer to those who use them.

Organic cotton is a good choice if your skin is sensitive. If this is the case, your sheets should be a soft, satin texture. Remember, the way sheets are woven make a difference in the texture. Not all organic cotton linens are made the same. You can personalize the feeling of your organic sheets by selecting from different weaves and constructions.

4. Organic Sheets Are Usually Made of High-Quality Textiles

In general, organic sheet products tend to be made of high-quality textiles. This is because the farming and manufacturing processes that are labeled organic tend to rely on more natural, less "handled" raw products. Without the constant working and chemical additions, these textiles are more robust.

The results for the consumer include:

  • Sheets that provide a more comfortable experience.
  • Sheets that hold up to constant use and washing.
  • Bedding that will be useful in your home for years.

This means you might pay a bit more for your bedding now but you won’t have to replace it nearly as soon as you would a regular sheet. This can help you save you money in the long run.

5. Organic Cotton Sheets Are an Eco-Friendly Option

Since these sheets are made with cotton that isn't treated with harsh pesticides or manufactured with unnatural chemicals, they may be more eco-friendly than other sheets. Some organic manufacturing processes have a smaller carbon footprint, making organic sheets a great choice if you like to make sustainable or environmentally friendly choices when buying products.

Organic bedding certainly isn't a magic solution for health problems or environmental concerns but great sheets can be a small step in the right direction. Plus, quality organic cotton sheets can help you get a better night's rest while improving the look of your room at the same time.

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