Make Deep Pocket Sheets Your Next Bedroom Upgrade

Fabulous bedrooms are made up of both big and little details. On the larger side of bedroom decor, you choose a bed that boldly displays personal style, paint the walls in hues that make your soul hum and select a mattress that welcomes you into dreamland. All those things are important to a functional and enjoyable space, but little choices help shape your sleep quarters too. While most people probably wouldn't call sheet texture and style “small choices,” details like whether or not deep pockets are appropriate are often overlooked.

Yet, deep pocket bed sheets are an easy, inexpensive way to upgrade the comfort and functionality of your bedroom.

What are deep pocket bed sheets?

The "pocket" only exists on a fitted sheet. It's the piece with elastic on each corner that secures the sheet to the mattress. Not all pockets are created equal — some are deeper than others — because not all mattresses are created equal.

Deep pocket bed sheets are fitted sheets with pockets that extend beyond the traditional measurement to accommodate higher (or deeper) mattresses. Today's mattresses can measure less than a foot deep or range up to almost two feet deep, especially when they contain special quilted or memory foam layers. Deep pocket sheets keep your bedding in place on these specialty mattresses.

Benefits of sheets with deep pockets include:

  • A more attractive, wrinkle- and bunch-free look.
    • A better night's sleep. Sheets that fit properly on your bed won't bunch around you or pop off the mattress and leave you sleeping on an uncomfortable surface
    • More protection for the mattress. A sheet that pops off can leave you lying directly on the mattress, which can become dirty or damaged as a result
    • Longer-lasting sheets. You won't be pulling and tugging on them constantly just to get them on your mattress

    Do you need deep pocket sheets?

    Now that you know what deep pockets are, you might wonder if you need them for your bedroom. Ask yourself these questions to determine if a sheet change is in order. If you can answer yes to any of them, you could probably benefit from high-quality sheets with deeper pockets.

    • Is it difficult to make your bed because the fitted sheet has to be stretched inappropriately to stay put?
    • Does your bottom sheet pop off the mattress constantly?
    • Do you wake up to find that your fitted sheet is no longer in place or that you're tangled in your bottom sheet?
    • Does the bottom sheet stay on the mattress, but slip up on the sides so that it bunches more than necessary beneath you?
    • Does your mattress measure more than 12 inches deep at it's highest point?
    • Do you actually rip sheets trying to get them to fit appropriately on your mattress?

    Selecting the right deep pocket sheets for your bed

    Once you determine that a sheet with deeper pockets is right for your bedroom, you'll need to do a little more work before you can make this easy upgrade. Not all deep pocket bed linens are the same: buying sheets that are too deep can leave you with the same problems as sheets that don't have pockets that are deep enough.

    To select the right sheets for your bed, first take a measurement of the height of your mattress. You can measure that depth on any side or corner, but if you have a pillow-top, a simple side measurement may not be accurate. Instead, hold a straight item (such as a yardstick) from the highest point of your mattress (typically the center) to the outside. Use that as the top point of your measurement, and you might find that your mattress is an inch or so higher than you thought.

    Equipped with this measurement, you can start shopping for sheets. Look for sheets that are marked as "deep pocket" and then check them for a pocket measurement or mattress fit.

    • Some sheets are marked with an appropriate mattress depth, which makes them easy to buy. Simply choose a sheet with a mattress range that matches your measurement — i.e., if your mattress is 14 inches high and the sheets fit 12-15-inch mattresses, then they're the right size.
    • Other sheets are marked with a pocket depth. Because the pocket has to wrap a few inches under the mattress to hold the sheet in place, look for sheets with pocket depths that are 2-inches more than your mattress depth. For example, a mattress that's 16 inches deep requires sheets with pockets that are at least 18 inches deep.

    Some sheets aren't marked with any numbers and are simply labeled as deep pocket or ultra-deep pocket. The first tends to fit mattresses measuring up to 15 inches deep while the latter may fit mattresses as deep as 22 inches.

    Investing in deep pocket sheets that fit your bed can improve the look of your room, lengthen the life of your mattress and enhance the quality of your sleep. It's worth taking a few minutes and measurements to make this easy bedroom upgrade.

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