How Do Moisture Wicking Sheets Work?

Once it’s finally summer and warm weather begins to settle in, it's time to consider whether you’re sleeping comfortably or if your bedding needs an upgrade. You can easily give your bed a makeover this summer with the help of moisture-wicking sheets. Here’s everything you need to know about making your bed more comfortable while staying dry at the same time.

Moisture Wicking Sheet Basics

The technology behind moisture-wicking sheets is similar to the moisture wicking properties in workout clothes. These fabrics have the ability to wick away moisture by absorbing your sweat, while simultaneously cooling your core temperature. Oftentimes these fabrics are designed to absorb and transfer moisture to different parts of the fabric where the material is less saturated with perspiration. This helps to even out moisture distribution and to cool down your body’s temperature.

Benefits of Moisture Wicking Sheets

Moisture wicking sheets are highly sought after thanks to all of the benefits they offer, including:

  • Instant Comfort. The summer is often associated with a great deal of heat and humidity, making sleeping at night uncomfortable if the air conditioning isn’t on full blast. With the help of moisture wicking sheets, you can keep cool at night and get the rest you deserve. These sheets have the ability to remove moisture, making it easy for you to maintain an even body temperature and to experience effortless comfort.

  • Reduces Odors. One of the main reasons sheets smell is due to different body odors that are absorbed in the sheets over time. Cotton sheets can cool you down at night, but they also have a tendency to absorb odor. These odors don’t necessarily always come from your body. Instead, they can be absorbed from things that are on your bed, like old clothes, pillows or even pets. The great news is that moisture wicking sheets have technology to help reduce or eliminate those unfavorable smells by absorbing moisture.

  • Keeps Drenched Sheets in Check. If you are easily overheated then you may have trouble achieving a comfortable night’s sleep. However, with moisture wicking sheets you’ll be able to keep the situation under control. They absorb the sweat and moisture that is easily generated during hot, humid summer nights. You’ll never have to worry about waking up in the morning and throwing your sheets in the wash.

  • Better Cooling Performance than Luxury Brands. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sheets with high thread counts can cause you to become overheated during the night. Thread counts exceeding 400 threads per the total of horizontal-wise and lengthwise weaves tend to trap the heat of your body, providing more warmth. Extra warmth is perfect for the winter, but it’s not ideal in the summertime unless you’re sleeping in a room with a cool temperature. Moisture wicking sheets typically fall within the desired sheet thread count range, between 200 and 400. They are still considered high-quality bedding and often outperform luxury brands that emphasize thread count over material.

  • Enhanced Durability. You can keep your sheets for as long as two years as long as you take care of them properly. Sheets with moisture wicking technology have a way of improving the longevity of your sheets. Many moisture wicking sheets feature easy laundering options so that you can toss them in the washing machine without worrying about wrinkles.

The sheets you sleep in make all the difference for a perfect night’s rest. This is why it is helpful to switch your sheets to a set that meets your needs in every season. Moisture wicking sheets are easy to sleep in, are safe for the environment and can outlast standard bed sheets thanks to their ability to absorb moisture.

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