Fall Bedding Collection: Creating a Cozy Layered Look

As the cooler weather creeps in, it becomes time to pile on the bedding layers. What if those extra layers were not only for warmth but could contribute to your bedroom design as well? Talk about a win-win. Let’s take a look at our new fall & winter bedding items and how to use them to create that cozy layered look in your bedroom.


Picking Sheets

Nailing that layered look starts with your sheets! We just added flannel sheets to our website which are very fitting for cooler months. They come in various patterns (including checked flannels & even holiday prints- YAY!) and will give your bed such a cozy look & feel. Despite the fact that it looks the part, sleeping on flannel isn’t for everyone. If you find you are a sweaty sleeper regardless of the season, moisture-wicking sheets have your name on them! You may also look into our newly released microfiber or microfleece sheet sets that have a lighter feel but also come in checked flannel & holiday prints! 

Does your sheet fit?

No matter what type of sheet you decide on, the fit is most important from a design standpoint. Your sheets should wrap all the way around and under your mattress on all sides and corners. If your sheets don’t fit like this, you’ll want to pick a deep pocket sheet set to ensure a fully covered mattress. A bed skirt is also a nice accent to have below the mattress to continue coverage beyond the mattress down towards the floor. 

To tuck or not to tuck?

You may love tucked-in corners, or you might want your top sheet untucked- this decision is up to personal preference. Whether you like nicely tucked corners for your top sheet or draped edges, make sure the sheet is smooth and centered on the bed. If you plan to tuck, wait and tuck your blanket AND sheets together all at once (see next section). Lastly, in order to expose your sheets as part of your bedding display, pull the top sheet all the way up to the top (don’t add pillows quite yet!) so you can fold it back over later (again, wait until your blanket is in place).



To give your bed extra warmth and versatility, put a blanket layer between your sheets and duvet/comforter. A down alternative blanket works great as a middle layer and as a top layer if you literally have to kick off the covers on warmer nights. Our down alt blankets have beautiful quilted box-stitching and satin trim which makes them look nice as a top layer or just exposed underneath. Similarly, our bamboo and organic cotton blankets work well as either lightweight covers or an extra piece below a duvet/comforter. Once your chosen blanket is centered, smooth, and pulled tightly up to the head of the bed, fold both your top sheet & blanket over. Once the fold is even and smooth, this is when you’ll either tuck in your corners and edges or, drape the edges by lifting each side up and away from the bed gently then letting it fall nicely into position.


A duvet or comforter will give your bed that billowy, soft look. If you want to have a few options within one duvet, try out our reversible duvet sets where you can switch between solid or dobby stripe patterns. Place your duvet on top only pulling it up at to the crease of your sheet/blanket fold. When folding over the duvet, a triangular or diagonal line will give a more casual vibe, whereas a precise parallel fold will look more traditional.



It’s the time you’ve all been waiting for- pillows! You’ll put your sheet set pillowcases on two standard pillows and your duvet set pillowcases on at least two more pillows. Before placing the pillows, make sure to fluff them up and smooth them out for a fresh, neat finish. If you just can’t seem to shake those wrinkles, it might be worth it to consider wrinkle-free sheets. The rest of the pillows are up to your discretion in terms of color and design, although groups of 3 work well with a combination of patterned, textured and uniquely shaped pillows. The combinations are endless!


For that finishing cozy touch, consider adding one or two throw blankets on top of your bed. If you are going for a formal look, you might have a neatly folded blanket draped at the foot of the bed. For more of a casual approach, you may opt for naturally thrown or diagonally laid blankets. Any option in our blanket collection adds depth to the bed and our new winter nights plush blankets are extra cuddly and festive. Again, there are seemingly infinite options here...so have some fun with it and don’t be afraid to try something new!

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