Do You Know The Difference Between Cotton + Organic Cotton?

Don't worry if your answer was no, that is what we're here for!

As you know cotton is the most prominent fabric used all over the world in various of industries. With such a high demand you may wonder how this commodity is harvested at a high rate while still being sustainable. Before understanding the difference between conventional cotton and organic cotton, let's dissect what organic cotton is...

Organic cotton fibers are grown using methods and materials that have a very low impact on our ecosystem. This particular production system helps with maintaining soil fertility while reducing the use of toxic pesticides + fertilizers.  

Now that we understand what organic cotton is lets dissect some further differences...

Organic cotton harvest second largest on record | Materials & Production  News | News

Organic Cotton Cultivates Softer Yarn 

Cotton fibers that are harvested the conventional way utilize a machine to be picked. In this process the machine has the tendency to weaken the raw fibers or even breaking them before they're processed to the materials we use. In a different manner organic fibers are handpicked resulting in softer + supple fabrication.

Organic Cotton Is Not Developed With Chemicals 

After cotton is grown it is treated to help it withstand the machine picking process. Processing organic cotton does not use pesticides, therefore there are no risk for the farmers growing them.

Harvesting Organic Cotton Uses Less Water 

 According to the World Wildlife Foundation it takes 2,700 litters to produce a single t-shirt, organic cotton is mostly harvested by using rainfall. 

All of these components contribute to how soft, reliable and durable cotton is. If you haven't tried organic cotton fibers yet be sure to try our 310 Thread Count Organic Cotton Sheet Set to feel the softness!

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