Detoxing Your Home: Beginning in the Bedroom

There is a lot of discussion circulating about the need to rid our homes of toxins & chemicals. It can be overwhelming to try detoxing your entire house all at once. For a simple, yet effective start, let’s look at a few suggestions that focus on protecting the largest organ in the human body; our skin.


Humans spend roughly ⅓ of life asleep. Um, HELLO! That means we spend a third of our lives IN BED, plus whatever other time is spent there to read... or watch Netflix. It’s no wonder bedding is a hot topic when it comes to discussing how to create a chemical-free home.

A good place to begin is with organic cotton. WHY cotton? First off, due to its natural properties, cotton doesn’t have to be treated with flame retardant chemicals. Furthermore, organic cotton is also pesticide-free and non-GMO making it an even cleaner option. When looking for organic cotton bedding, it’s important to make sure that it’s GOTS certified like our organic cotton sheets, duvets & blankets. Bedding labeled as antibacterial, shrink resistant or stain resistant are just other ways to say “chemically treated.” When you unpackage our organic bedding, you won’t be hit with that strong plastic smell that comes with most new bedding.

To take things to a deeper level, opt for mattresses made from organic cotton instead of memory (polyurethane) foam. Check that your mattress was sewn as opposed to bound with chemical adhesives. Investing in all natural or organic cotton pillows is the cherry on top to ensure a fully clean, non-toxic bed.


Bathing and showering are daily occurrences for most people… we hope! With all the time spent in the bathroom, it’s worth your time to find chemical-free alternatives to the everyday hygiene products you use. Synthetic fragrances, dyes & preservatives are all harmful substances found in most soaps. Swapping out for all-natural options is a cleaner choice.

There’s nothing like a fresh smell to a bathroom! However, conventional air fresheners, candles & perfumes emit toxins. When it comes to fragrances, use essential oil diffusers & candles. These natural options will not only take care of those bathroom smells, but they can be used for other physical, emotional & mental health purposes. 
Similar to bedding, bathroom linens can expose your skin to harmful chemicals. Choose sustainable bamboo towels or organic cotton towels instead. To ensure your towels don’t accumulate toxins, dry your linens with wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. Lots of research has been done to reveal the harmful substances found in dryer sheets alone.

When it comes to detoxing your home, start simple by replacing the things your skin touches every day; including your linens, beauty products & fragrances. Happy Detoxing!

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