Cooling Sheets Reviews: What to Look For

Buying new sheets is a great way to kick off summer slumber the right way. The cozy flannel or heavier cotton that kept you comfortable through winter and cool spring nights doesn't always provide the most comfort as the weather warms. Perusing cooling sheets reviews and understanding what to look for in quality bedding for warmer months can help you make the right investment in your personal place.

What to Look for in the Best Cooling Sheets

You don't just want any sheets that will keep you cool. Chances are, you'd like something that feels good against your skin, fits your bed and looks great in your room. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for bed linens.

1. The Right Fabric

While different fabrics do provide unique functions, sheets that keep cool through the night may be made of bamboo, cotton or other materials. That means you can choose a fabric that feels right for you.

Heavier cottons, linens and flannels envelop you in security while lighter silk or bamboo can drape lightly to provide a more freeing feeling. Tightly woven cottons and bamboo sheets tend to feel satiny to the touch, which can be an ideal texture if you have sensitive skin or don't like to feel the sheets "catching" on you.

2. Functionality That Fits Your Needs

Some sheets offer added functionality to keep you cool. Sheets designed to breathe let air flow more freely through the bedding, ensuring air warmed by your body can escape while cooler, fresher air enters. Breathability is a key function if you want sheets that keep you cool through the night.

Those who regularly sweat as they sleep may also want to opt for sheets with proven wicking capabilities. Fabrics that wick move moisture away from your body, which reduces discomfort during the night and can also help with issues like night sweats that turn into chills as your body becomes damp.

3. Style That Matches Your Space

Once you pick a fabric that feels right and provides optimal functionality, the fun part of sheet shopping starts. You get to peruse colors and patterns to find sheets that match your bedroom.

How important the look of your sheets depends in part on how you make your bed. If you opt for a turn-down of any kind, part of your sheets will show even when the bed is made. You'll want to choose sheets that complement your room and bedding.

If your blankets, pillow cases or comforter are solid, you can complement them with a contrasting sheet color or add visual interest with a patterned sheet that includes matching hues. If your bedding is patterned, you may want to opt for solid sheets to keep the busyness of the space down.

If your sheets are never visible when the bed's made, choose styles that make you happy. Here's where the Superman or unicorn designs might be relevant.

4. An Ideal Size

It might seem like an obvious factor, but size is critical to sheet selection. Of course, you want to buy twin, full, queen or king sheets to match the mattress in question. But you should also consider the depth of the mattress. If you have a pillow top or very deep mattress, buy sheet sets that have deep pocket fitted sheets (sometimes these are marked as sheets for pillow top mattresses).

Tips for Vetting Sheets When You Can't Touch Them

The ideal way to pick sheets would be to experience them on a bed before you purchase. Obviously, that's not a cost-effective way to buy sheets to keep you cool this summer. If you can open a pack in the store and at least touch the linens, you can get a better concept of their texture, but many people now shop for house goods online.

Here are some tips for choosing sheets when you're buying online.

  • Check the fabric of existing sheets in your home and match fabrics you like when shopping online.
  • Read the care instructions from the manufacturer to get an idea of what treatment new bedding might hold up to (and whether you're willing to go through any cleaning steps required).
  • Read customer reviews to find out how other people are interacting with the sheets — never make a decision based on a few reviews; look for a consensus from many people about the functionality, texture and cooling benefits of sheets.

5 Blogs With Cooling Sheet Reviews You Should Read

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Bedding is a very personal purchase, and it's an investment in a good night's rest. Since sleep is integral to health and your enjoyment of waking life, take your time to find the right new sheets for your needs.

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