Best Bamboo Sheets: A Buyer's Guide for Better Sleep

The best bamboo sheets can make a huge difference in both the look of your bedroom and the quality of your sleep. Many people don't yet realize that sheets come in fabrics made from textiles other than cotton, silk or satin, but bamboo linens are surprisingly soft and offer a wealth of other benefits for you and your bed.

Our buyer's guide for better sleep covers everything you need to know about buying a new set of bamboo sheets.

What are bamboo sheets?

Bamboo sheets are bed linens that have been made with the fibers of bamboo plants. You're probably visualizing those tall, stately stalks that are the fodder for giant pandas, and you might not see how that plant can make a comfortable bed. Surprisingly, bamboo is becoming a popular choice for discerning sleepers across the world.

During the manufacturing process, bamboo fibers are separated from the plant and worked into a raw good that can be woven into sheets and other fabrics. Bamboo fibers are much longer than cotton fibers, leading to a sheet that has a long weave and a satin-like texture. Reviews of bamboo sheets often mention that the user is surprised at how soft the bedding is, and many people think bamboo linens are more comfortable than high-quality Egyptian cotton sheets.

The benefits of bamboo sheets

In addition to a comfortable, posh texture, bamboo sheets offer a variety of benefits. From your own safety and health to that of the planet, find out some reasons you might want to invest in bamboo bedding:

  • The length of bamboo fibers make the sheets quite hardy — even though they feel fine and luxurious to the touch. That means your bamboo sheets, when cared for property, can outlive their cotton brethren. Bamboo fabric tends not to rip or wear as easily as other options.
  • Bamboo sheets are naturally hypoallergenic. The sheets themselves discourage the proliferation of dust, mites and other allergens, making them a great choice if you deal with respiratory issues or just want a fresh, clean bed every time you hit the mattress.
  • The same properties that make bamboo linens a good choice for those with allergies also protect your mattress. With bamboo on top, your mattress is less likely to be infiltrated by mites or other particles, which can create unsanitary sleeping conditions and even degrade the functionality of your mattress over time.
  • Organic bamboo textiles don't require some of the agricultural and manufacturing processes that cotton does, making them a better choice for those looking to minimize their carbon footprint or make eco-friendly consumer choices.
  • Bamboo sheets come in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns, so you don't have to sacrifice good looks for all the other benefits on this list.
  • The best bamboo bed sheets are temperature regulating. That means they allow air to flow through them so heat doesn't build up near your body and make you uncomfortable. At the same time, when it's cool out, bamboo sheets will help keep you warm.
  • Bamboo sheets also wick moisture away from your body, which can help reduce issues with night sweats if you do get a bit warm beneath the blankets.

3 tips for buying the best bamboo sheets for your bedroom

If you're ready to say yes to some of these benefits, check out these tips for finding the best bamboo sheets for your home.

1. Choose the right size sheets

Bamboo linens look and feel great on your bed, but you'll get the most enjoyment out of them if they properly fit your mattress. Begin by choosing sheets marked for your mattress size: twin, full, queen, king or California king.

Next, make sure you choose the right pocket depth. If your mattress is 12 inches deep or less, you can buy standard bamboo sheets. If your mattress is over 12 inches deep, you'll need to look for deep pocket sheets that have the appropriate depth. Ill-fitting sheet pockets can mean the bottom sheet is always coming off the mattress, which makes some of the benefits of bamboo less effective.

2. Shop for color or patterns

Choose sheets that fit the tone and decor of your room. If you have solid bedding, opt for sheets in a contrasting color or choose a pattern that includes the main color in your bedroom. Even when your bed is made, sheets may show along the bottom edges of the blankets or at the head of the bed if you opt for a classic turn-down of the duvet. Ensuring your sheets complement your other bedding and existing bedroom decor enhances your overall space and makes your bedroom a place you'll enjoy entering at the end of a busy day.

3. Invest in quality bed linens

Finally, choose bamboo bed sheets that are worth the investment. Look for high thread counts and purchasing bedding from companies with a good reputation to avoid bottom-of-the-barrel textiles that leave you hot or itchy at night. These sheets are long-lasting, promising a great night’s rest in the long-term.

Bamboo bed sheets make a great upgrade for any bedroom. Purchase a set today and retire old sheets that may have started pilling or wearing.

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