Bamboo Sheets Reviews: What to Look For

Bamboo sheets bring luxurious comfort to your bed, giving you a luscious feel without breaking the bank. However, not all bamboo sheets are created equal. You have to know how to find the right products to match your personal preferences and the style of your space.

Are you interested in understanding how to find bamboo bedding to help you slip away to dreamland with added ease? Check out our tips on what to look for in bamboo linens and what to consider when reading through bamboo sheets reviews on the web.

Why Choose Bamboo Sheets?

Bamboo is becoming a popular choice for bedrooms across the United States for many reasons. Many people’s top bedding concern has to do with comfort. Bamboo confronts this issue head-on. You may be imagining bamboo sheets as crisp and firm, given their namesake raw material, but the long fibers that come from the bamboo plant actually make for soft, luxurious sheets. Plus, bamboo sheets are generally lightweight and tend to reduce moisture build-up, allowing you to keep cool throughout the night.

Other reasons to purchase bamboo sheets include:

  • Durability. The long fibers of bamboo enhance the texture of the fabric. They also contribute to a weave that holds up better than many cotton ones do. This means that bamboo bedding is less likely to become worn out from wear-and-tear, whether it be from normal use or cleaning. While you may pay slightly more for organic bamboo sheets, the added durability makes them a better long-term investment.
  • Environmentally friendly. Growing and harvesting bamboo is usually a more eco-friendly process than growing and harvesting cotton is — this holds true even with cotton that is grown using organic and sustainable practices. If you're looking to buy environmentally friendly products for your home, bamboo is a great choice.
  • Hypoallergenic. Bamboo fabric is an ideal for anyone who deals with allergies. It naturally repels certain allergens such as dust mites. If you cover your mattress and any protective pad with a fitted bamboo sheet, you’re adding another level of deterrent to keep dust and other elements from becoming embedded in your mattress.

What to Look for In Bamboo Sheets

If bamboo bed linens sound like the right choice for your bedroom, here are a few things to consider when shopping for new sheets and looking through bamboo sheets reviews online.

Bamboo Sheets that Meet Your Functionality Needs

You'll need sheets that fit your bed, so begin your search by filtering down to a sheet set that is the right size. First, look for twin, full, queen or king sheets, according to your need. Then, choose sheets with the correct pocket size. Standard sheets tend to fit mattresses up to about 12 inches in depth. If your mattress is deeper than that, you'll need to look into deep-pocket or ultra-deep pocket sheets.

The Right Color and Pattern for Your Space

Once you're sure you have sheets that’ll fit your bed, make sure you select a pattern or hue that will fit or revamp your space. If you already have a boldly colored or pattern-heavy room, opt for sheets in solid colors to complement your decor. Even though your sheets aren't always seen, choosing sets in solid colors allows you to have a plain staple to design all of your other decor around.

The color or pattern you choose should also depend on how you plan to make your bed. If you make your bed in hotel or European style, with a large fold at the top where the sheet is seen, pick sheets that are complementary or even slightly contrast your other bedding. For example, if you have a patterned duvet, choose a bamboo sheet and vice versa.

Remember that the color of your sheets can have an impact on your mood. Blues and greens tend to be calming, soothing colors. Yellow and orange are uplifting and energizing, while red tends to evoke passion.

High-Quality Bamboo Sheets that Will Last

Make sure you choose bamboo sheets that are worth the investment. Since these sheets are becoming more popular, it’s helpful to look into bamboo sheets reviews to see how other people felt about your future investment. These reviews can also give you insight into each specific product and its respective quality. Low-quality sheets won’t hold up over time or be comfortable long-term, regardless of what they're made of.

Choose sheets from a reputable company to ensure you will be able to enjoy the most benefits. You should also pay attention to thread count when possible. The higher the thread count is, the tighter the weave will be, allowing the whole sheet to hold up for longer than a loose-woven sheet would.

Now that you know what to look for in bamboo sheets, take some time to browse our selection of bedding to find linens that look great and feel even better on your bed.

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