Back to School: Why is sleep essential for productivity?

When ‘back to school’ time rolls around, it’s a great opportunity to reevaluate bedtimes and sleep habits. Parents may consider tucking their little ones in earlier and turning in sooner themselves. It might be sad to see those late summer nights fade, but getting a good night’s sleep increases productivity at school and in the workplace.


Alright, let’s be real..the idea that sleep is important isn’t new. However, in order to fully understand the reasons why, it’s helpful to look at the science behind it all.

Sleep Duration. The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults sleep at least 7 hrs/night and more for those under 18. Getting a full night’s rest allows your body to reach the deeper levels of sleep. Light sleep accounts for the majority of nighttime sleep while the deeper sleep stages occur at the tail end. Sleeping for a shorter duration cuts down the REM sleep stage where memories are solidified and the deep sleep stage where physical restoration happens. Both of these contribute to productivity during the day.

Quality of Sleep. Hitting the recommended duration of sleep is best coupled with a regular sleep schedule. Constantly going to bed and waking up at varying times is like leaving your body in a continual state of jet lag. Just as your internal clock has to reset when you switch time zones, if your sleep schedule is always changing, your mind and body will struggle to regulate. This internal clock determines your body’s circadian rhythms, which impact many biological processes, including sleep-wake cycles.

Ok that’s a lot of scientific jargon. Stay with us- it’s worth it!

Due to the body’s circadian rhythm, a hormone called melatonin (causes drowsiness) is released when it’s time to sleep and cortisol (creates energy) when it’s time to wake up. If your sleep patterns are irregular, the hormones will release at the wrong times, leaving you drowsy in the morning and throughout the day. So what’s the BIG deal?


If drowsy driving is compared to drunk driving, can’t we assume something similar to living drowsy? Drowsiness causes slower reflexes, less creativity, reduced memory, poor decision making and decreased problem solving skills. Anyone can tell you that these results will not lead to productivity at work or school. Yep, THAT’S the BIG deal. Employees suffering from a lack of sleep are less likely to achieve promotions and often have to take work home which only creates a vicious cycle of sleep deprivation. Students that don’t get enough quality sleep suffer from a lowered GPA and find themselves staying up late to stay on track with their studies.


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